Rattlesnake Jasper Bolo Tie adds Western flair to a groom's outfit while maintaining a modern, classy vibe.

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Explore the Classic Charm of Cowboy Ties and Bolo Neckties

Step into a legacy of craftsmanship with Hells Canyon Bolo Co.'s exclusive 100 Year Bolo Tie collection. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, blending traditional techniques with modern elegance to create a timeless accessory that lasts a lifetime.

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Rave Reviews from Our Cowboys

"When I came across Hells Canyon Bolo, I knew right away this is wanted I wanted for our wedding so I had to make it happen. Nick was so easy & accommodating to work with, super fast response times too. We ended up renting & purchasing bolos which worked out perfect for us. It was such an easy process. Nick was able to get our all of our bolos made with only about a month notice and they turned out so perfectly for our day. 100 % would recommend to anyone that is looking for bolos. The quality is top notch & such a unique piece." Briana Bernhard

Briana Bernhard

"I got to get married feeling like myself. Just want to say thank you for adding to our wedding in the mountains. We got married in the San Juan mountains outside Silverton Colorado. I keep the bolo tie on my counter and it reminds me of our wedding day every time I look at it. It was the cherry on top to my outfit."

Kevin Orr

Nick is one of the most talented artisans I've had the pleasure of knowing. Our first meeting he made me feel like I was one of the family. He's stones are extraordinary. He gets them to shine so you can see every little facet of color. The craftsmanship of making that stone a ring, Bolo tie, hat band etc is exceptional. Plus he's a genuine cowboy. He's so courteous and accommodating. He has an incredible inventory and it seems I just always have him working on another item for me. This isn't just Western Wear. It's stunning jewelry that can be worn at any event. Love this company & Nick so much. I'm just over the moon we met at the Boise Capital Street Market a year ago.

Cheri Smith

These are the best damn bolos you can find! I met Nick roaming the desert in eastern Oregon and when I saw the pieces he made I knew I had to have one. The stones are amazing, unique and such quality they will surely last lifetimes. I got one piece and had to get another because all these rocks are so intriguing, all found by true rockhounds of the west. The style is simple and classic western, if you are looking to class up your wedding and feel a little cowboy this is the best and most authentic you can get.

Christopher Edwards