100 years in a Gem State mind

Hells Canyon Bolo Co. handcrafts heirloom quality jewelry that fits Western tradition while accommodating modern times.

The Bryant Generation ventures across the Pacific Northwest to hunt for the gems. Old time Western cowboys, Idaho’s mountains, and the mindset to venture inspires Nick.

Hells Canyon Bolo Co. pieces are meant to be worn at the big milestones and the in between. Weddings to camping, Hells Canyon Bolo Co. strives to be a tangible piece of history.


Product Care Guide

Hells Canyon Bolo Ties

Leather Chord Straightening

1. Slide the bolo head to your neck. 

2. Hold the end of each tassel and pull down firmly.

3. Afterwards, grasp the bolo head and slide it towards the tassels.

4. Allow the bolo head to be placed above the tassels and set it aside to hang.